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Lymphedema hold you back

What is LymphaTech?

A new best practice to enable frequent, accurate measurement of limb volume and circumference.

LymphaTech provides fast, accurate, and reliable 3D imaging and measurement to monitor the progression of geometric changes of limbs.

Our technology can detect subtle changes in volume and circumference without the use of a tape measure.

True Measurements

LymphaTech’s system is 99% accurate compared to water displacement for volume and tape measure for circumference, validated through external clinical research with lymphedema patients.

Anyone Can Scan

No special training is required to scan. In fact, we developed this technology to provide easy scanning at home to increase the frequency of monitoring.

Only 60 Seconds Per Scan

Measurements are easy and fast, allowing every patient to be scanned frequently. Less time spent measuring provides more time to deliver clinical treatment or serve more patients.

How Does it Work?


3D scans are taken with our
handheld mobile device


Volume, circumference, and percent
difference are calculated


Changes in measurements
are tracked over time


  • Measurements you can trust
  • 90% time savings allows you to focus on delivering more care


  • Know your current measurement status and progression
  • Scan and track you measurements at home

A Problem Worth Solving

Making a Difference

Lymphedema causes permanent painful and debilitating swelling. The disease is manageable if detected early, providing a chance to prevent chronic lymphedema and improve quality of life for many people. Early and better insight into disease progression will help reduce healthcare costs associated with chronic lymphedema care.

Widespread & Underserved Patients

There are 4M+ patients in the U.S. alone that struggle with this everyday. 30-50% of breast cancer survivors will develop lymphedema as a result of cancer treatments (15% all other cancers). As medical advancements have continued to improve the fight against cancer we must continue to address major survivorship issues such as lymphedema.

Global Impact

Global Monitoring of Lymphatic Filariasis

Partners: The Task Force for Global Health, The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

LymphaTech was contracted by the Task Force for Global Health and the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) to serve as the primary outcome measurement in a 2-year trial to evaluate the impact of medication for reduction of swelling in patients with lymphatic filariasis. This project is collaboratively funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research with the purpose of eradicating the neglected tropical disease of lymphatic filariasis - a disease caused by a mosquito-born parasitic worm. The World Health Organization reports that 120 million people worldwide are infected with the disease with over 40 million people disfigured and incapacitated.

Obstructed Labor in Rural Ethiopia

Obstructed labor is a dangerous issue in rural areas without fast access to advanced medical care. Pregnant women are at risk when obstructed labor cannot be identified early enough to plan a C-section. LymphaTech collaborated with a Georgia Tech research team to adapt our measurement system to image and measure pregnant women and create a predictive model for risk of obstructed labor. This process will enable local care teams to better determine when a C-section is needed.

Evaluation of Lymphatic Malformation in Children

Partners: Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Emory University Hospital

LymphaTech's system is being used to measure and quantify lymphatic malformations in children who are born with primary lymphedema in collaboration with a clinical research team of physicians from Emory University. Measuring children with lymphedema is challenging, especially for patients with swelling in the head and neck. The collaborative team is developing a standard procedure for quickly acquiring measurements for head and neck and other challenging areas.

Empowering A New Standard of Care

Lymphedema is a major priority for accrediting organizations and other groups that define best practices in cancer treatment & survivorship

The NAPBC requires member clinics to perform or refer regular surveillance of lymphedema for breast cancer survivors including rehabilitation and support.

The American Cancer Society recommends that all cancer survivors receive regular screening for lymphedema during medical check-ups, including measurements of the affected area of the body.

In the News

August 2020

LymphaTech receives European patent for method of generating pre-fabricated compression garments

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February 2020

LymphaTech 3D scanner accurately detects lymphedema in breast cancer survivors

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April 2019

LymphaTech receives patent in US, Canada, and Australia for method of generating pre-fabricated compression garments

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